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Cultural Trust Partner

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Thinking about donating?

Why not make the most of your donation?

The Oregon Cultural Trust offers a plan that more than doubles whatever you want to give to your favorite non-profit. Your donation will help provide continued community educational outreach and the preservation of the Curtis Collection of horse drawn vehicles. We hope the Curtis Heritage Education Center (CHEC) will be your favorite non-profit.

How to Make a Donation to the Trust

 1. Donate to your favorite cultural organization(s). (any amount you choose)

 2. If they're one of our 1,400 qualified cultural nonprofits, donate that same amount to the Cultural Trust. CHEC is a registered Cultural Trust non-profit organization.

 3. Take that same amount off your state taxes. That's right. Your donation to the Trust comes back to you as a tax credit. Culture across our great state thrives, and financially you don't miss a beat.

If you donate $100 to CHEC and $100 to the Oregon Cultural Trust, your actual out of pocket expense is only $41.

Facts, Details and Trivia

o Individuals can get a tax credit up to $500. Couples, up to $1000, and Class C corporations up to $2,500.

o A state tax credit is an amount of money taken off the top of your final tax bill.

o You might be surprised to find your favorite organization is one of our 1,400 cultural partners.

o Your donation is dispersed over all 98,000 square miles of Oregon to help keep old and new cultural opportunities available for all Oregonians.

o Part of your donation goes into the permanent fund that provides interest for the Trust to disperse as part of its annual granting.

o You can make a donation with stock rather than cash. Legacy gifts are also gladly accepted.

No other state in the union has this incredible benefit.

Lucky Oregonians!



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