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About Us

CHEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2013.

CHEC stands for: Curtis Heritage Education Center

Curtis: Myron and Betty Lou Curtis started collecting horse drawn vehicles and sleighs of all types as well as period equipment in 1970. They eventually accumulated over 100 horse drawn vehicles and thousands of period artifacts which offer a snapshot of Victorian through Edwardian time in American life. This collection is one of the largest assemblages of horse drawn conveyances in the United States.

The Curtis Horse Drawn Transportation Collection is comprised of many rare and high quality vehicles with international, regional and local significance that were collected during many years of extensive travel in the United States and Canada. Many of the vehicles have been partially or completely restored while others are in original condition. The Curtis Family is forming a charitable foundation with this collection as its centerpiece.

Heritage:  The Curtis’s recognized the value of remembering one’s heritage. Along with the Curtis Collection, they researched the origins and uses of the items in the collection. The technologies used to make the items in the Curtis Collection were used in everyday life. These technologies are the basis of technologies used today. Knowing where we came from will help us find where we are going.

Education: We will not only be a museum but also an education opportunity. CHEC will offer classes at the CHEC center and during community exhibits. Classes at the CHEC Museum will include wood, leather, fabric and metal restoration and fabrication. These skills will be used to restore and repair horse drawn vehicles.

Center: CHEC is in the process of designing, funding and building a museum in the Portland metropolitan area.

View Some of the Vehicles in the Collection


Help us move the Curtis Collection out of storage and into the community where everyone can enjoy one of the largest collections of horse drawn vehicles in North America.

Mission Statement

    CHEC uses the past to inspire the future through unique education opportunities which use the interest sparked by our historically significant collection of animal-powered vehicles to stimulate the innovators of tomorrow.

Vision Statement

    CHEC, along with our partners, will be a regional community education leader recognized for creating programs promoting the systematic pursuit of knowledge by demonstrating how past generations developed and harnessed technologies to transform their world.

CHEC Board of Directors

      President:                              Don Scott
      Vice Pres.:                             Tim McCann
      Secretary:                              Erin Beggs
      Director:                                Sharon Alexander
      Director:                                Ron Brockelman
      Jeanette McCann
      CHEC Project Manager:  Claire Blaylock


View a story about CHEC that appeared in the Jan. 2014 East Portland News.



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